Residents of a community northwest of Prince Albert are speaking out. They're upset -- not only that a convicted sex offender is living in their town -- but that he is now facing new charges.

The sleepy village of Leoville is a community full of young families. It's not the kind of place you would place a convicted sex offender on parole. But one was living here, and now he's been charged yet again with sexual assault.

Police arrested 56-year-old Norbert Dumais at his home in Leoville. He moved to the town after he was released from prison two years ago. He has been convicted four times for sexual assault. All of his victims are girls under the age of 14. Now he faces the same charge involving two victims.

Residents like Garret Tetreault were worried when Dumais moved into the neighbourhood. "I was worried for the kids because they play right around his house; some kids were going through his house."

But what parents like Quintin Led say troubled them the most was that this high risk sex offender lived close to the local school. "There's kids around, and somebody like that shouldn't be near a school, they shouldn't really be in a small town like this anyway."

The mayor of Leoville says all safety precautions were taken in the town and school. He says the new allegations come from outside the community.

Dumais has been remanded and will appear in a North Battleford court on June 1. People here say no matter what happens, he's not welcome back.