Susan Detmer has lived in downtown Saskatoon for over seven years.

She’s fond of the downtown lifestyle, but she thinks there’s one specific improvement that could be made.

“We need a grocery store downtown,” Detmer said.

Being close to restaurants and activities downtown is a big draw for Detmer, but she thinks a local grocery store would round out the living experience. A sentiment that can be heard throughout the downtown community.

“I think if you definitely want to move more people in, you need to bring a grocery store downtown,” downtown employee Nicholas Horvath, said.

Getting more people to move downtown is the goal.

“I know we've had lots of talks about getting to 15,000 people,” executive director of Downtown Saskatoon Brent Penner, said. “There’s about 3,500 people that live downtown proper right now.”

According to Penner, with talks of both a new arena coming to the downtown neighbourhood and renovations to Midtown Plaza, the future looks bright for the cities core.

The City of Saskatoon recently released its Civic Satisfaction and Performance Survey results, which found that 47 per cent feel the city is making downtown an appealing destination, while 38 per cent say the city is making downtown an appealing place to live.

Based on a report by Stephanie Villella.