The sun was shining,and the water was clear,Res but diving in these waters is anything but tropical.

The Saskatoon Fire and Protective Service was just outside of Saskatoon Tuesday running winter diving and ice rescue simulations. The exercises are done every year to keep their divers certified and prepared in case of a real emergency.

“We try and train for the worst, and then hopefully everything is on the good side when we have to do it,” Bill Coffin, assistant chief of communications for the tire department, said.

Each under ice dive is conducted in teams, and the diver who actually goes under the ice is always connected to their partner by a rope that’s both a guide, and a tool for communication.

Tyson Chilog is one of the rescue divers who was re-certified Tuesday. “It’s our life line. Without that rope ice diving becomes very dangerous and difficult. It’s not like open water where you can just pop up and get yourself a breath of air,” he said.

Last year, Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services responded to 60 water-related incidents.