SASKATOON -- The Saskatchewan government is spending $6.3 million on upgrades to correctional facilities.

“These projects will modernize our existing facilities to ensure they provide a safe environment for staff and offenders,” Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell said in a news release.

“A large portion of this investment will go towards modernizing programming that helps rehabilitate offenders.”

The upgrades include:

  • The replacement of the Urban Camp and related facilities at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre ($4.6 million)
  • Expansion of the Cultural Lodge program to the Regina Correctional Centre, Saskatoon Correctional Centre, Prince Albert Correctional Centre and Kilburn Hall Youth Centre ($920,000)
  • Replacing porcelain toilets in the detention area at the Regina Provincial Court House with stainless steel toilets and sinks designed to reduce any potential for self-harm ($150,000)
  • Kitchen upgrades at the Regina Correctional Centre ($110,000)
  • Razor wire upgrades at the Regina, Pine Grove, Saskatoon and Prince Albert correctional centres ($450,000)
  • An expansion to the parking lot at the Prince Albert Youth Residence ($65,000)

The projects are part of the province’s $7.5 billion two-year capital plan to stimulate Saskatchewan’s economic recovery.