Boxing day and boxing week shopping leads to a lot of new toys and electronics going home with consumers. It also means that people in Saskatoon have extra cardboard packing to get rid of, and recycling programs are having trouble keeping up.

Despite being emptied every day, cardboard recycling bins are overflowing.

There are six recycling stations across the city, and most of their contents end up at Cosmo Industries. A representative from Cosmo Industries said the facility can handle more cardboard, they simply need more pickups. They also added that in order to make the most of the recycling stations, people should break down boxes to allow more cardboard to fit in each bin.

It isn’t only electronic packaging that’s recycled this time of year. As people replace older electronic with their new bargain buys, SARCAN is receiving vast amounts of older models for recycling.

SARCAN is also busy with post-holiday party cleanup. The recycling crown sees a 50 per cent increase in volume in January over the other months.