Temperatures are cold this week, but at least Saskatoon isn’t receiving a snowstorm like the one that shut down much of the city 10 years ago.

A record-setting blizzard hit Saskatoon on Jan. 10, 2007.

The storm, which dumped a record 36 centimetres of snow, caused the airport to close down and left many people stranded at stores and their workplaces.

Others were forced to abandon their vehicles on city streets and highways.

According to Environment Canada, the storm included 70 kilometre-per-hour wind and left visibility in the city at a zero for nine hours of the day.

Saskatoon was the bullseye of the storm, the weather agency said, but others part of the province were also hit hard.

Two people died in the Onion Lake area, north of Lloydminster, and another died near Shaunavon in the province’s southwest region. All three had abandoned their vehicles.

The City of Saskatoon later established an emergency operations centre in response to the blizzard.