The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice says a video posted on social media of a jury delivering the not-guilty verdict in the Gerald Stanley murder trial is of "grave concern" and in the hands of RCMP.

The ministry says a member of the public did not have the authority to video tape the proceedings, which were recorded and streamed to an overflow room for the public to view. The ministry says the person took a video of the stream inside of a secure room in Battleford Court of Queen’s Bench. Saskatchewan Minister of Justice Don Morgan said the move is likely illegal.

“It was a wrong thing to do. It probably was illegal and the RCMP are looking at it,” Morgan said.

Stanley was acquitted Friday in the August 2016 shooting death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie.

The video was posted Friday and lasts for more than one minute. It shows a split-screen of four angles of the courtroom including Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Martel, the 12-person jury, an empty witness box, and a view of the gallery.

After the not-guilty verdict is read shouts and cries are heard and Stanley is rushed out of the courtroom.

Broadcasting, publishing or posting any form of photography or video of court proceedings is strictly prohibited in almost all criminal cases in Canada, which was the case in the Stanley trial.

A screenshot of the video has been posted on a national news website focusing on holding media to account.

“It’s in the hands of the police to conduct an investigation, we don’t direct it, we know they’re aware of it, we know they’re looking at it,” Morgan said.

The ministry says its reviewing how the person was able to gain access to the courthouse and record the proceedings.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Rob Embree confirmed to CTV News officers are investigating.

"At this time we cannot speculate what, if any, charges might result from the investgation," he said.

The RCMP is also investigating online comments made after the verdict.