SASKATOON -- Renters in Saskatoon are paying slightly more for one and two bedroom apartments this year according to a new report on rentals across Canada.

However, the city remains among the most affordable places to rent in the country.

The latest report from PadMapper, an online rental search platform, analyzed rental data from hundreds of thousands of active rental listings across Canada.

Saskatoon ranked as the 21st most expensive city to rent.

The cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment was up $20 compared to 2020, rising to an average price of $930 monthly.

The cost of a two-bedroom rental in the city rose by 0.9 per cent to $1,070.

In Regina, PadMapper found the average price for a one-bedroom rental fell 5.6 per cent, coming in at $850.

The average price for a two-bedroom apartment in Regina dropped 2.8 per cent to $1,050.

One-bedroom rental units in Toronto and Vancouver, the two most expensive cities to live in according to the report, decreased by 9.8 and 23 per cent respectively from 2020.

A one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver is $1,940 and $1,770 in Toronto.