SASKATOON -- Within a few years, Saskatoon and Regina will each be home to a $15 million urgent care centre, the province announced Monday.

The centres will provide an alternative to emergency departments for an illness or injury that is not life threatening but can’t wait until the next day, including mental health and addictions supports. The centres will offer 24-hour/seven-days-a-week access.

They will also lower wait times for health care issues requiring urgent medical attention, according to a news release.

Urgent care centres provide injury care such as stitches and casting for minor broken bones; treatment for infections, fevers, rashes and flu symptoms and respiratory care such as asthma; and on-site diagnostic imaging, pharmaceutical and laboratory services.

The centres will also offer urgent mental health and addictions supports.

Locations will be announced later this year with construction for both expected to begin in 2022.