SASKATOON -- The province is increasing the amount of money it gives to Saskatoon police by $70,000 for 2020-21.

That brings total provincial funding to $5.88 million.

"This support from the province helps the Saskatoon police service work towards community safety in Saskatoon," Mayor Charlie Clark said in a release.

"Community well-being is complex work, and we increasingly need to be reaching out and building partnerships between governments and agencies to find success in this area, "

$4.98 million, through the Ministry of Corrections and Policing, will support the renewal of the Police and Crisis team, as well as supporting the Integrated Crime Reductions Team and the Child Exploitation Program.

An additional $900,000 will be provided by Saskatchewan Government Insurance for five positions as part of the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan initiative.

"Efforts of both prevention and enforcement around gang-activity, exploitation, and violence are critical to public safety in Saskatoon," Police Chief Troy Cooper said in the release.

"The continued support provided by the Province of Saskatchewan assists our officers as they address these issues."