SASKATOON -- Protests are underway across Saskatchewan urging the government to revise its back-to-school plan.

People are gathering outside the Legislature, schools and MLA offices, calling for stricter protocols when schools reopen in September.

Some could be seen surrounding Education Minister Gord Wyant’s office in Saskatoon.

Wyant announced Saskatchewan’s back-to-school plan on Tuesday. He said the return to school would be “as normal as possible,” with class sizes staying the same and no mandatory masking.

The Safe Schools Plan does not immediately impose mandatory masks or create smaller class sizes for when kids return to school. However, the province has ordered six million masks should they be required and would consider mandating masks in schools if the situation worsens.

Protesters say the new plan puts kids at risk and are calling for smaller class sizes and new funding for schools.

On Thursday, an email blitz was organized in which parents flooded Wyant’s inbox with their concern over the plan.

Organizers of the blitz say more than 300 people sent emails to the minister.