PRINCE ALBERT -- John Fryters was approached by Reader’s Digest to contribute to the magazine's glossy edition focused on healthy ageing and connected living.

“I’ve been looking at expanding my reader’s audience and here it just fell into my lap.” Fryters said.

Fryters has written three books and is working on a fourth about ageing. He also authors local newpaper columns an contributes to a national Christian magazine.

In addition to his writing, Fryters helps fellow seniors through his work at the PRINCE ALBERT SENIORS ADVOCACY CENTRE.

An example of Fryters work: helping to lead a group of seniors through discussions with the Prince Albert Housing Authority and the province to stop the eviction of single senior tenants from their homes.

“They finally came out and let us stay. They grandfathered us in. Not only us, but all the seniors that live in here.” one of the seniors Fryters helped, Shirley Pelly said.

Fryters also advocates for seniors through discussions with elected officials. And is pleased to see the province's appointment of a minister of seniors.

"We'd like to do more policy advocacy so if we see issues popping up we'd like to be right in the middle of it." Fryters said.

He also said he hopes the province goes one step further and creates an appointed position for a seniors advocate similar to the office of the child advocate.