Some people on Saskatoon's west side say they are getting fed up with power outages.

The manager of a Canadian store says losing the power on Sunday for more than on hour was quite a blow, especially during the busy Christmas season.

Paul Cairns has asked for a meeting with SaskPower officials.

He's not the only one.

Horace Waselick, who lives in the Dundonald area, says he's had meals ruined and phone calls cut short. And he's tired of getting ready for work in a dark bathroom.

"You have to wonder what's going on," he told CTV, "Especially when the weather is fairly decent and there are no storms or anything yet the power is failing."

SaskPower says part of the problem is the weather – along with an aging transmission system.

"The network there is an old network – about 40 years old," said Robert Watson, President and CEO of SaskPower.

"What's happening is underground cables are starting to deteriorate, we should have started maintaining them about 20 years ago, better, there's dampness in the air – it's not the cold that bothers the lines, it's the dampness," said Watson.

He says the problems should be fixed by February. In addition, SaskPower plans to upgrade much of the transmission system on Saskatoon's west side over the next six to eight months.

For people like Cairns and Waselick, getting the problems fixed can't come soon enough.