In the midst of rallies, demonstrations and protests happening across Canada for Idle No More’s national day of action, the Saskatchewan government is considering changes to how it deals with the province’s First Nations.

The premier alluded Wednesday that there could be changes to how the government funds the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

“What’s missing is not necessarily more facilitation or more roundtables with FSIN or chiefs, in fact, you might see us moving away from those kinds of things” Wall said.

“What’s missing is direct action that government can be a part of that would link First Nations people with the opportunities that exist for training and for jobs,” he continued.

FSIN Chief Perry Bellegarde said in a press release it was unfortunate Wall made this discussion public right now.

Bellegrade's statement continued, "Extinguishment of rights, marginalization and exclusion are the ways of the past, as are the ways of the colonial era. Respectful and thoughtful dialogue is what’s needed with the Government of Canada and the Province of Saskatchewan. As always, I remain committed to processes that bring about effective solutions to these long-outstanding issues"