Saskatoon Police have sent a clear message – Slow down.

In the last week Saskatoon Police have seized three vehicles after clocking drivers at dangerous seeds. In each case, police said drivers were going more than 50 kilometers an hour over the speed limit. One driver was caught going 80 kilometers an hour in a school zone.

“Please, please, slow down,” said Brian Fehr, a spokesperson for the Saskatoon Safety Council. “The speed involved dictates the severity of a collision,” said Fehr.

While this message may seem obvious to many, Saskatoon Police are still seeing drivers far exceed city speed limits.

A 55-year-old man was caught going 140 kilometers per hour in a 90 zone and was fined $432. Another man, aged 55, was caught doing 80 kilometers an hour in a school zone and fined $400. Most recently, a 19-year-old man was fined $500 after being caught driving 130 kilometers per hour in a 60 zone on 22nd Street West.

“Those types of speeds we see on occasion. Three that close together, that’s a little unusual,” said Saskatoon Police’s Grant Obst.

All three men have a driving history, and their vehicles were seized under the Traffic Safety Act.