SASKATOON -- Tenants at a Pleasant Hill high-rise on 20th Street in Saskatoon woke up to the firefighters delivering notices to each suite.

On Thursday morning, the Saskatoon Fire Department, with the help of Saskatoon police, began repairing the building’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

Assistant Fire Chief Wayne Rodger said in a statement to CTV News that a fire inspector was on scene with four police officers to coordinate repairs to the sprinkler and standpipe systems.

Crews were also removing combustible content from corridors, repairing exit lights, testing the emergency power system and replacing damaged fire-separation, Rodger said.

In the notice delivered to tenants of Prairie Heights Condominium the fire department asked residents to remain in their suites in order to follow COVID-19 health orders. For anyone looking to leave their suite, police officers were on standby assisting people through the hallways of the building.

“This is part of the Saskatoon Fire Department's continuing responsibility to maintain the life safety system and protecting the occupants in the building after notifying the owners, and their failure to make corrections,” Rodger said.