Marlene Bird is neither missing nor murdered, but her family wants the public to know she could have been.

“They need to know the details of how gory it is. We didn’t even recognize her,” said Bird’s aunt, Lorna Thiessen.

Roses now lie where Bird was found outside a Prince Albert community centre June 1. She was the victim of a vicious assault.

She suffered severe facial lacerations and burns to the lower half of her body. Both of her legs have since been amputated and she remains in an Edmonton hospital where she continues to undergo surgeries.

“Everybody had nightmares after they came out of the hospital room to see Marlene,” said Thiessen. People “need to know how serious this is. It could happen to anybody.”

Bird’s story was one of many highlighted Thursday at the 10th annual Honouring Our Brothers and Sisters Memorial Walk in Prince Albert. The issue of violence against men, women and children was at the forefront.

Gloria Naytowhow walked for her brother, John Bird.

“He was struck and brutally run down by a vehicle on the reserve three years ago — April 3, right on his birthday,” said Naytowhow.

No arrests have been made in his death or in Marlene Bird’s case.

Investigators said, however, they’re confident an arrest will be made in connection with the attack on Marlene.

Sgt. Brandon Mudry with the Prince Albert Police Service said investigators are waiting for the results from a forensic analysis of evidence obtained at the crime scene.

“That takes time” said Mudry.

Thiessen said she’s confident in the police, but felt compelled to walk the streets of Prince Albert to ask her own questions.

“I needed to do that. People started talking, like people on the street talk. They don’t talk to reporters or police, but they talk to those of us who have been there,” Thiessen said.

The Prince Albert Grand Council and residents from Marlene Bird’s home reserve in Montreal Lake are offering a $2,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

The Mayor of Prince Albert said the city is also doing what it can to keep the issue of violence at the forefront.

”We can’t forget. We finally have to take action,” said Mayor Greg Dionne. “We have had this memorial walk 10 times and we haven’t yet announced any good news. So I hope when we have this march next year that we will have something good to report.”

Dionne said he’s been invited to discuss the prevention of violence with a representative from the provincial government this week.