The Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) is planning to open the city’s first temporary homeless shelter.

The proposed space is on 145 First Avenue North and would have capacity for 50 beds.

Last week, city councillors voted unanimously to change a bylaw to allow for emergency shelters.

The temporary facilities may operate for a maximum of six months.

STC Chief Mark Arcand says Saskatoon is facing a homelessness crisis and hopes this facility can give people a place to go during the winter months.

“This is our community. This is our city. We’ve got a crisis on our hands and we all have to come together,” Arcand told reporters outside the proposed site.

Arcand says staff would be on-site 24/7 and work to connect people with mental health, addictions and housing support.

Saskatoon police will provide regular patrols of the area, according to the STC.

Groups hoping to open a temporary homeless shelter must outline a plan for the facility and include details of sleeping areas, washrooms, staffing and capacity.

In a city hall meeting next week, the STC is set to submit its plan and request to lease the city-owned space for the temporary shelter.