There was a five vehicle pileup on Saskatoon’s Idylwyld Freeway Friday morning. It was one of several accidents that had Saskatoon Police

warning drivers to be careful because of slippery conditions.

The pileup happened just south of the Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge, and traffic was re-routed for several hours while the scene was cleaned up.

It started when a driver lost control of his SUV on what he called very slippery roads.

“Slipped on the road I guess,” Molique Gough told CTV. “I went up on the side, and when I got out of the vehicle I saw all this behind me,” he said, pointing to the four other vehicles involved. Gough said another motorist stopped to help him, and switched on the emergency flashers on her vehicle – then her vehicle was hit.

Traffic restrictions on the freeway were lifted around 11 am. No one was seriously hurt.