SASKATOON -- A mobile pub-style party will likely turn heads this summer when it rolls out downtown.

Pedal Pub is essentially a patio on wheels. Up to 15 people can ride on the giant bicycle and pedal their way through a downtown pub crawl.

Each bike comes with a "pilot" who guides the two-hour tour.

Tate Porter and her friends saw the concept during a trip to Nashville.

"It was the highlight of our trip. When we got back to our room, we were like, ‘Hey, Saskatoon really needs one of these,’" Porter told CTV News.

The idea came to fruition after Porter’s friends used Pedal Pub as a project during their business degree.

"Once they were done, the professor was like, ‘You’re actually going to do this right?"

And about two years later, they did.

Because of COVID-19 regulations, bike capacity is reduced to eight people.

The bikes aren’t licensed yet, but Porter hopes this will change in the future.

"There’s no liquor consumed on the bike, but we're never more than like a song or two away from your next pub so you'll always be hydrated," Porter said.

Tourism Saskatoon says it’s "very excited" about these patio bikes coming to the city.

"I think now more than ever, people are looking for unique ways to get out of the house and enjoy safe experiences," said Sarah Berger, director of marketing and communications for Tourism Saskatoon.

Pedal Pubs are available for group rentals, or people can book individual seats online. 

Individual seats are about $45, or an entire bike is $500.

The first rides get underway June 1, with several slots already fully booked.