A park bench dedicated to a teen who was killed by a drunk driver was vandalized with spray paint earlier this week.

Quinn Stevenson was one of two teens killed in 2013 by an impaired driver who ran a red light.

A bench was installed at Ernest Linder park in Erindale in his honour.

The vandals targeted a few different objects in the park, but the Stevenson bench took the brunt of the damage. Stevenson’s mother, Bonny Stevenson, said she was upset and frustrated about the vandalism, and said she ‘just wants the paint to come off’ during an interview Wednesday.

The Stevensons have taken a strong stance against drunk driving since their son’s death, and have started fundraisers, scholarships, and campaigns, as well as the memorial bench and an outdoor rink also in Ernest Linder Park.

One of the Stevensons’ campaigns involved working with MADD to create cards with his picture on one side, and a list of numbers to call to get a ride on the other.