Kids gathered in Kiwanis Park for a Children’s Freedom Rally on Saturday.

The event held near the Vimy Memorial featured a magician, hula hoops, bubbles and jump rope.

“This day is all about celebrating freedom, but mostly about our children having fun,” the poster for the event reads.

Most people at the event weren’t wearing masks.

Mayor Charlie Clark condemned the gathering. He said it has potential to be a “super-spreader event” and is “the last thing we need in our community.”

“One of the most insidious things about this rally is the move to use the guise of a happy, fun children's event,” he told CTV News.

“To have an anti-mask event that is telling people to go and break the public health guidelines and undertake a dangerous activity at a time when these very dangerous variants are spreading – it's an insane thing to be doing right now.”


Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) was in attendance on the perimeter of the gathering, re-routing traffic.

Police said officers’ role is to ensure the event “is peaceful and restrictions under the Public Health Order are enforced."

SPS said it has issued 25 Public Health Order-related tickets since the start of the pandemic.

On Friday, the Saskatchewan Health Authority warned of an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 for those who attended an April 17 “freedom rally” event in Prince Albert.