SASKATOON -- Starting 9 a.m. on Monday, be prepared to pay for on-street parking once again in Saskatoon.

At a special meeting of city council, officials voted in favour of reinstating public pay parking requirements starting Monday May 25, a move the city said will help boost the economy.

“While the city continues to do its part to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases in Saskatoon, it also wants to help boost the economy and support business in our community,” Jo-Anne Ritcher, director of community standards said in a news release.

“The reinstatement of public pay parking requirements and enforcement will help ensure parking-space turnover for customers and businesses in high-demand pay parking zones.”

City officials said they encourage customers to use the WayToPark app as a no-touch way to pay for parking. If the app is not an option., the city said people will have to use the FlexParking stations. In a news release the city said individuals need to follow public health guidelines when touching shared surfaces in public, including using alcohol-based hand sanitizer or hand-washing as soon as possible. 

City council also endorsed the reinstatement of parking time limits and the residential parking program. The city is asking those who live in residential parking permit neighbourhoods to use their expired parking permits until new permits are available for sale. 

Residents who do not have an existing permit are asked to contact customer service at city hall at or 306.975.2400.