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Over 4,000 Sask. residents caught for speeding and other driving offences in Feb., SGI says

Police in Saskatchewan wrote 4,251 speeding and aggressive driving tickets in February, according to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

“Some Saskatchewan drivers were in too much of a hurry to get things done, rushing and rushing until a speeding ticket made their life no fun,” SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy said in a news release.

Among the driving offences clocked last month were 35 for exceeding the speed limit by over 50 kilometres an hour, 59 for speeding in a school zone, 18 tickets for stunting, and three for street racing, SGI said.

“Speeding is a high-risk behaviour that increases the risk of a crash by reducing your reaction time and disrupting your control,” SGI says.

“With fluctuating temperatures this time of year, road conditions can change quickly, which is another good reason to slow down.”

Last month, police also issued 529 tickets for using a cell phone while driving and made 342 impaired driving charges.

SGI reminds drivers that the real legal limit is below 0.08 blood alcohol content. Top Stories

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