A police officer has been temporarily relocated outside Pelican Narrows and reassigned to non-frontline work pending the outcome of a Code of Conduct investigation, RCMP say.

The investigation comes after videos of two arrests involving the officer were shared on social media.

The incidents occurred June 30. CTV News has obtained one of the videos, in which an officer pointing a gun at the suspect, who is on his knees restrained by another officer, can be heard swearing at the suspect and threatening to kill him.

The audio is "concerning," though the video does not capture the entire interaction between the suspect and the officers, RCMP say.

The circumstances of the arrest, both before and after and the language used, is now under review, RCMP say.

A machete was seized during that incident, RCMP say. Due to the age of the suspect, he cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, RCMP say.

In the video of the other arrest, the people being arrested are under investigation, RCMP say.

RCMP are also reviewing a third incident that morning in which the officer responded to a call involving a weapon.

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations has called the officer’s actions racist and ignorant, and says he should be fired and charged.

The RCMP says it has been in contact with local community leaders and will inform them of the results of the review and investigation as well as any actions taken by the RCMP with regards to the officer involved.

RCMP say they encourage anyone with videos of these events to contact any RCMP detachment.