Homeowner Lisa Beechinor said she has gotten accustomed to vehicles crashing in front of her home.

In her 30 years living at her Eighth Street East house, Beechinor has witnessed 15 collisions.

“It’s an absolutely terrible corner, a terrible corner,” Beechinor said.

Tuesday afternoon marked the most recent collision, involving an SUV crashing into a tree near her property.

Beechinor said vehicles parked in front of her house don’t last long – they’re often hit by drivers speeding along Eighth Street.

Her own family has had six cars written off – the employees at SGI have become familiar with her vehicle claims, she said.

During the past two Decembers, four vehicles were totaled in front of Beechinor’s home. Each incident involved drivers crashing into two vehicles at once.

“December 18 this year, a drunk driver hit my husband’s truck, flipped it, pushed it six feet, hit my car and took out both vehicles,” she said.

What makes the spot so collision prone?

Beechinor blames the traffic lights at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Eighth Street East for most of the crashes.

“I think the city has the lights synchronized. Broadway will be green and Victoria will just be turning orange so they hit the gas they lose control,” she said.

A spokesperson for the City of Saskatoon said they’re not aware of any concerns about the intersection, but would “look further into the situation should the homeowner wish to reach out.”

Beechinor said she did attend a public traffic meeting with a city councilor last year – but her concerns have not yet been addressed.

Beechinor suggested more speed enforcement or a red light camera near her home to avoid further collisions.

“I applied to get a driveway, so at least we could get our vehicle off the street – and we were denied,” Beechinor said.

“Honestly, I'm disgusted the city doesn't take it more seriously."