On Monday, June 8 the COVID-19-related travel restrictions in Saskatchewan's far north are expected to be lifted.

The move, announced by the province in a news release, comes as the number of active cases in the region continues to decline, with just 23 as of Tuesday.

A public health order limiting travel to and from the far north was first put in place on April 24 and tightened to include travel between communities a few days later.

The restrictions came after a jump in COVID-19 cases, largely concentrated in La Loche.

While the limits on travel were relaxed for northeast Saskatchewan on May 19, they still remained in place for many communities in the province's northwest.

In addition to removing all remaining travel restrictions for all communities in the northwest, the province will allow the first and second phases of its reopening plan to go forward in La Loche on Monday.

All other communities in the northwest have already moved ahead with those phases, the province said in its release.

Also across the entire northwest, outdoor gatherings will be able to increase to 20 people, but indoor gatherings will still have a 10 person limit.

Physical distancing must be observed in both settings, the province said.

If case numbers rise again in the region, the province said it may delay lifting the restrictions. 

Premier Scott Moe says he is hopeful Phase Four of the province’s reopening plan could happen late June or early July.

"We are actively looking at Phase Four, what Phase Four does look like as we start to not only set a date but set some of the parameters."