The president of the University of Saskatchewan Students Union says he was banned from enrolling in courses this fall, and as a result is no longer president.

Coden Nikbahkt told CTV News that when he went to register for the fall semester on Friday, he was told he hadn’t finished four classes in the allotted time and was “requested to discontinue” his studies.

The union told him that means he can no longer be president, he said.

A union news release says he is no longer president due to personal circumstances. Vice president Brent Kobes will be acting president.

Nikbahkt says his resignation is unrelated to online allegations of sexual assault made against him in the spring, when outgoing president David D’eon and his executives led a protest against him.

Following the protest he was bullied and harassed and arranged to study off campus, and was promised extra time to finish four classes, he said.

Being told he couldn’t attend class this fall was a “big surprise,” he said.

“I was relying on those promises that I would have the extended amount of time to do my work you know, given my mental state and given all the circumstances that the university understood. That this is a very unique circumstance and that I would have all the time to ensure my academic success.”

University vice provost Patti McDougall wouldn’t comment specifically on Nikbahkt, but said any student who had been asked to discontinue their studies would have been sent an email outlining how to appeal the decision.

No charges have ever been laid against Nikbahkt.