Saskatoon police have been investigating the murder of nurse Alexandra Wiwcharuk for nearly half a century. While it's still an active case, family members are still doing some investigating of their own. Now, they claim there's new evidence that could solve the decades-old question.

49 years after Wiwcharuk was killed, her nieces are still piecing together the heinous murder. In the last six months, Pattie Storie, Wiwcharuk's niece, has received what she calls crucial evidence.

"This file supports what Alex was conveying to her family and some of her friends at the time - about three to four weeks before her death."

According to Storie and her sister Lorain Phillips, a file was stolen back in the 70's. They received the package anonymously and say it includes valuable information. They received another anonymous package containing photographs that -- until now -- others said did not exist.

"Our investigation has now gone back to the original rumors, and the original suspects on the list at that time," says Phillips.

Today, the list contains only two suspects, both men.

"With all of the information we have gathered there is no way that we are off on the wrong track, we're right on base," says Phillips. "I really hope that the person or persons out there… They should be soon getting a knock on their door."

In fact, with the latest evidence - the sisters are confident the case will be wrapped up by this time next year.

"We really feel like this will be solved by the 50th anniversary," says Storie.

And to commemorate 50 years, the sisters would like to create a memorial site here where their aunt's body was found. They say they'll be in talks with the city to move the idea forward, creating a place where all missing and murdered people can be remembered.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Alexandra Wiwcharuk, you're asked to call 1-866-794-1962.