A Saskatoon vape shop manager wants more clarity when it comes to new rules for vape product packaging.

The federal government recently passed legislation that will restrict how vaping products are sold, labelled, manufactured and promoted.

The new bill will ban companies from promoting “confectionery” vape-juice flavours — which include flavours pertaining to desserts and soft drinks that are believed to appeal to youth.

“The wording is grey. It’s basically saying candy flavours, but would that mean orange juice, apple juice? Or would it mean pop drinks, like Coca-Cola?” Brennden MacKenzie, manager of Vape World Emporium in Saskatoon, said.

“I would like to see a lot more clarity as in what labels are going to have to look like.”

MacKenzie said vaping is a way for many smokers to move away from cigarettes, with flavours as an incentive.

Under Bill S-5, vaping manufacturers would no longer be able to add caffeine and vitamins into e-cigarettes, or advertise vaping as having “added health benefits.”

The bill would also prohibit tobacco companies to post its logos or branding on cigarette packages.

The legislation still needs royal assent to become law. The new tobacco rules would then come into effect within 180 days.