As Saskatchewan gets pelted with snow this weekend, there’s one group that’s excited about the storm. The province has about 55,000 snowmobilers, the highest per capita in Canada.

While the sport is popular, it can also be dangerous. The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association says there are around five fatalities a year.  That’s why there’s a new safety initiative that is hoping to bring that number down.

In Saskatchewan every rider born after January 1, 1989 must have a snowmobile safety certificate.  It’s a classroom course, but as of Monday, the association will also be offering an online certification course. 

The online course doesn’t replace the classroom course, but it is another option. Chris Brewer, the president of the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, says it will make it easier for people living in remote areas to get their safety certificate.

"Our research has showed us an increase of over 200 per cent taking the safety course when it's offered online."

The online safety course is available all year round.  It costs $45 a person, and can be accessed at

“We want to be on the cutting edge here,” says Brewer. “We want people to be comfortable when they go snowmobiling and this safety course is really important."