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New Indigenous-owned tech company launches in Saskatchewan

Birch Narrows Dene Development Inc. (BNDDI), MMLK Group Inc., and Superior Strategies have paired up to create All3Innovation LP, a new majority Indigenous-owned technology business.

“All3Innovation aspires to be a leader in the technology sector, as well as in environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices,” Mark Hinz, CEO of Saskatoon-based MMKL Group said in a news release.

“We’re focused on developing meaningful long-term relationships with customers and Indigenous communities throughout Canada. We look forward to providing leading technology products and services that drive economic development while protecting the environment.”

The company will focus on tech solutions that bring more efficiency to industries like mining and industrial. They will help install robots to do the work in unsafe environments and help clients improve performance.

“As an Indigenous person and business owner, I’m proud to be working with BNDDI and MMKL to create opportunities for Indigenous participation in the technology sector and to be building a company with partners whose philosophy and values align with those of Indigenous peoples — and by that I mean our collective focus on relationship building, protecting Mother Earth and improving the socio-economic health of our communities,” said Jason Thompson, owner of Superior Strategies.

BNDDI, the economic development arm owned by Birch Narrows Dene Nation, said the partnership fits their strategic business plan.

“It creates diverse product and service offerings that allow Birch Narrows’ community members to participate in the technology sector while engaging our clients in a meaningful way to positively affect ESG attributes of their business. Birch Narrows as a community has a strong and vibrant young demographic that will be able to enjoy the benefits of being involved in this sector of the market,” Anthony Clark said in the news release.

“Our partners in MMKL and Superior Strategies are a perfect fit in alignment with values, partnership, collaboration and innovation. I look forward to growing this opportunity with them and seeing what we can collectively achieve.”

BNDDI is located in Northern Saskatchewan. Superior Strategies is based in Ontario. Top Stories

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