SASKATOON -- An upscale, vacant Saskatoon home may be handed a new demolition order.

The Beechdale Crescent house, once valued at $710,000, was planned to be demolished in 2019.

Neighbours complained about the house’s mouldy smell, caused by a water leak.

When the Fire Department couldn’t reach the owners, a demolition order was underway.

Finally, the owner, residing in China, mounted a court order to stop the city from tearing down the house.

A judge urged the owner and city to reach an agreement and a building permit was issued.

But in a new letter sent to neighbours, the city says it “plans to revoke the building permit due to failure to meet the conditions of the permit.” In the letter, the city calls the structure "derelict."

The letter says the fire department plans to get access to the home to conduct an investigation.

Depending on the condition of the house, a new demolition order may be ordered, according to the notice.

In a statement to CTV News, City Solicitor Cindy Yelland the remediation has not met conditions “surrounding the timely completion of the work.”

“The City is following its usual enforcement procedure and further action may be taken after an investigation is completed.”

Neighbours say the home has been vacant for years, calling the situation “sad” and “unfortunate.”

Some neighbours say they step up and mow the vacant home’s lawn.