Fourth year University of Saskatchewan education student Paige Larsen makes preparing for the future of education a priority.

That future includes more students in the classroom and different challenges for frontline teachers. A new cutting edge teaching classroom in the college aims to better prepare students for the workforce.

The room used to be a computer lab, but now that many students have personal laptops and don’t use the desktop computers, it became a free space. The room now has eight monitors which connect pod groups, making this classroom experience completely interactive.

“That push for technology isn't because we're modernizing, it's because it's genuinely beneficial to what we are trying to do,” Larsen said.

All students will be using this classroom at all stages in their education degree, and education dean Michelle Prytula said it’s giving U of S students an advantage.

“We want teachers to become adept at diversifying their strategies so that they can manage larger class sizes.”

The $100,000 classroom was funded by alumni Grit and Scott McCreath.It's an amazing opportunity for students to bring technology into the classroom and they'll be the future teachers so they'll have all these strategies in their back pocket,” Grit McCreath said.