Doctors and staff are gearing up for the opening of the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital with changes to emergency room service for children.

Saskatoon now has 24-hour pediatric care in the E.R., currently the only round-the-clock care provided by pediatric specialists in the province.

Saskatchewan is one of the last major centres in the country to implement 24 hour pediatric care.

Previously, family physicians and adult doctors would see younger patients during the hours of midnight and 8:00 in the morning.

The extended hours started earlier this month.

A doctor from Calgary who is originally from Saskatoon was hired for the newly-expanded service.

One more doctor will be hired, according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

"It saves children unnecessary tests and unnecessary admissions and it gives children an opportunity to be seen by someone who's seen 10,000 kids not 500 kids," said Dr. Ron Siemens, interim head of pediatrics for the province.

He said having pediatricians in the ER around the clock will reduce the number of admissions to hospital because they will get specialized care in the emergency room.

The children’s hospital is slated to open in late September.