SASKATOON -- Drivers have felt the need for speed during the pandemic according to a new survey from CAA.

The survey shows nearly 60 per cent of people have reported seeing more dangerous driving during the pandemic.

Christine Niemczyk, Director of Communications for the organization understood the concern behind the numbers despite also seeing lower numbers of drivers out on the road.

"Well driving may have gone down a bit,” said Niemczyk. “There are other road users depending on us to be safe drivers when we're sharing the road responsibility."

Speeding drivers top the survey, with 44 per cent of people saying they witnessed someone speeding recently

Jeremy Hubbard, one of the admins of the group ‘Saskatoon Traffic Shamers’, says he's disappointed people aren't following the rules of the road.

"I just wish people would be more tentative when they're driving,” said Hubbard. “Like when you're on the road and you're driving down the road or beside somebody and they don't shoulder check and they cut you off. Just being more tentative on the road."

When sharing that road, the warning still stands to be alert and stay safe.