Concern over an animal shelter in Elrose continues to mount.

Earlier this month, dozens of animals were seized from Delores LaPlante. She maintains the animals were well cared for, but not everyone agrees. While some neighbours understand her motive, they question her method.

LaPlante's house is only 400 square feet and it was recently home to 71 animals including 64 cats -- all were seized by the Saskatchewan SPCA two weeks ago -- now the subject of court action. LaPlante runs a non-profit cat shelter out of the tiny dwelling.

"Everyone's entitled to an opinion and certainly for most people this is not how they would live and I can respect that," says LaPlante.

Dave Postnikoff -- a retired teacher -- lives down the street says some people are very outspoken about the animal shelter in their neighbourhood. "Generally speaking, they didn't approve too much of the conditions it's not a fact that it's a shelter but the condition of the shelter," says Postnikoff.

The SSPCA obtained a warrant and took the animals after a veterinarian said they were in distress and living in unsanitary conditions.

Postnikoff says it seems as if LaPlante was overcome with the volume of cats. "She doesn't want to get rid of them. I think she feels sorry for the animals."

LaPlante is still caring for 23 cats and declined to let CTV cameras inside her house because she says she didn't have enough advance warning. She admits her place isn't "aesthetically pleasing" like other homes, joking people in town see her as a 'crazy cat lady.'

"But as a Canadian citizen people have to respect my right to make whatever sacrifices I choose on my belief and faith and dedication to rescuing animals," says LaPlante.

A court order prevents adopting or euthanizing the 64 cats, seven turtles, one dog and a five-foot iguana until a judge decides whether the search and seizure was unconstitutional.

While she waits for the court's decision, Dolores LaPlante is making plans to put a fan in the basement to air out her house in an effort to improve the conditions inside.