Ned Powers has been honored as the 2012 CTV Saskatoon Citizen of the Year.

The announcement was made New Year’s Eve on CTV Saskatoon.

Many people know Ned powers for his long writing career with several newspapers in Saskatoon over a span of more than 65 years. He is also a published author, with several books to his credit, including an award winning book about the Saskatoon Hilltops, and “Here’s to my Heroes,” published in 2011.

But not as many people know how much Ned Powers has done quietly, behind the scenes.

He is a long time sports volunteer with baseball, track and field, curling, and bowling. Ned has been a director of the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame. He is also a long-time supporter of music and youth, including his work with the Saskatoon Jazz Society, Saskatoon Childrens’ Choir, and READ Saskatoon.

While others may have wanted to be in the spotlight, Ned’s modesty put him behind the scenes, while his story telling enhanced and strengthened the community.

To quote one letter of support, “Ned Powers believes in the community of Saskatoon, and the people who call Saskatoon home. He is so supportive of all community causes that strive to make Saskatoon a better place to live culturally, socially, and spiritually.”

For 46 years, CTV has honored someone in Saskatoon as the Citizen of the Year.

We are proud to include Ned Powers among this outstanding group of people.