SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan NPD Leader Ryan Meili is promising to reduce classroom sizes and add more teachers, education assistants and support staff in the province's schools.

Meili made the pledge during a campaign event in Saskatoon Thursday morning.

"(The Sask. Party) has done nothing to decrease class sizes. In fact they stopped counting class sizes in 2013m." Meili said.

An NDP government would make $125 million available which would fund 1,000 teachers, 750 educational assistants, and 400 caretakers.

Meili said with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, larger classroom sizes are "downright dangerous."

On Wednesday, Meili proposed a wealth tax on individuals living in Saskatchewan worth $15 million or more.

During a campaign stop in Prince Albert, the NDP Leader also pledged to build a new bridge and hospital there if his party forms government.