The mother of Rob Vicente, a Bladworth area man who has been missing since October 10, spoke publicly Tuesday about her sons' disappearance.

Pam Vicente was on hand at an RCMP news conference in Davidson, pleading for anyone with information related to her son's disappearance to come forward.

"We don't know whether to hope or to grieve, and as time goes on our hope changes, but we still need Rob home. We need to be able to move on and have some closure. Please if anyone has any information that can help us, please help end this unbearable pain," said Vicente.

About a week after Rob Vicente's disappearance, police found a burned-out vehicle in an abandoned field west of Davidson. Identification of the vehicle proved the car belonged to Rob. Subsequent searches of Bladworth, Davidson, and the surrounding areas have turned up nothing.

RCMP have determined that Rob is likely no longer alive.

Based on reports by Mark Rogstad, CTV Saskatoon