The RM of Corman Park unveiled a monument in honour of hockey legend Gordie Howe at the site of his birth on Monday, just south of Floral.

“It’s so special to see what an impact he had on this town,” said grandson Corey Howe.

“I really only knew him as a grandpa and not as this famous legend hockey player, so I really only knew him as this ordinary old guy and I would just hear stories about these amazing things the he would do.”

The event brought together family and friends of the the late hockey player with many travelling from all over North America.

The RM bought the land where the monument sits from the Willison family, who didn’t know that they lived on Howe’s birthplace.

“The R.M. called and said ‘I bet you guys didn’t know this, but you’re living on the birthplace of Gordie Howe,’ and it was pretty exciting for us,” landowner Reed Willison said.

Monday was the third anniversary of Howe’s death.

The monument is meant to be a place for fans to reflect and honour Mr. Hockey.

Floral is about 17 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon.