SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon mom is launching a podcast aiming to reduce the stigma around parents consuming cannabis.

Natasha Albert says she faces harsh criticism for smoking medicinal marijuana – especially because she’s a mom.

“I get looked down by the general public. They think we’re lazy, unproductive, that we’re drug abusers,” said Albert, who smokes marijuana as a treatment for her depression.

The mother of two says smoking marijuana has actually made her a better parent.

“My imagination is open. I have more drive to be involved with my children,” she said.

She’s starting a podcast focused on educating parents about marijuana.

“The big topic is going to be cannabis and parenting, helping reduce the stigma of that and trying to educate the public in a kind and respectful matter, so more people open their minds to the amazing benefits of cannabis and what it can do.”

Albert has recorded the first episode, discussing her experience with marijuana and working in the industry.

She plans to launch her podcast, Smoke Rings with Aquarius, at the end of the month.