SASKATOON -- Sask. Party leader Scott Moe noted the investments his party has made in Prince Albert since 2007 at a campaign stop in the city on Saturday.

“A growing economy here in Prince Albert and throughout the province will ensure that we have the resources to build strong communities and support strong families,” Moe said.

“The growth we have enjoyed over the past few years has allowed our Saskatchewan Party government to make significant investments In Prince Albert and across Saskatchewan.”

The largest of the projects is $300 million to renew and expand Victoria Hospital, which will have 40 per cent more acute care beds, a new treatment area for adults in need of mental health care, a larger emergency department, a new helipad and enhanced medical imaging services including an MRI, the party says.

Moe also drew attention to the Sask. Party’s “Plan for a Strong Saskatchewan” which features several family-centred commitments, such as the Active Families Benefit, which would provide $150 per child per year to help with the cost of sports and other activities.

On Saturday afternoon, Ryan Meili, the leader of the Saskatchewan NDP, announced his party would open a mental health emergency room in Prince Albert, if elected.

The party said the decision comes after calls on the Saskatchewan Party to address mental health resources in the city.

“Scott Moe’s cuts have hurt Prince Albert, and have left people here feeling less safe and less supported,” Meili said, in a release. “I hear from families every day about how life has gotten harder, and that in times of crisis they can’t get the help they need. We have a choice this election, between more of the same from Scott Moe, or, a plan that invests in the people of Prince Albert.”