SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says he commends the national leadership that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed in a call with Canada’s premiers on Thursday regarding rail blockades across the country.

“In this province we have $2 billion of exports a month going out on our rails. We have no blockades in this province but we are impacted by blockades elsewhere in the nation, so we are thankful for the expectations that were clarified by the federal government,” he told reporters on Friday.

Moe said he is hopeful the illegal blockades will come down and insisted the blockades are an urgent situation that needs a rapid resolution.

Moe said the premiers and the prime minister agreed the blockades should be taken down and that laws should be enforced and then asked for dialogue and a peaceful resolution.

Trudeau did not provide a timeline on when action will be taken to remove blockades, however Moe concluded that he was grateful leaders throughout Canada are on the same page.

“Canadians have been very patient with respect to the rail blockades, but that patience is not unlimited as the Prime Minister has indicated and ultimately, at the end of the day, if those blockades are not removed it is the expectation that our competent law enforcement agecies are there to enforce the law without political direction,” Moe said.

These blockades have stopped CN Rail from transporting goods across the eastern rail network, have halted most Via Rail passenger service Canada-wide, and have resulted in temporary layoffs and economic impacts on the agriculture sector, which can't move its products as a result.

Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa on Friday that injunctions must be obeyed and the law upheld.

"Canadians who are feeling the very real impact of these blockades are running out of patience."

With files from CTV News