WASKESIU -- The town site of Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park will look a little different next summer.

The beach house change rooms, which have been on the main beach since the late 1970s, are being replaced.

"This area of the park is incredibly popular with visitors and so having a brand new facility here means it's a good jumping off point to come see some of my staff deliver some programs and learn a lot more about the park," said Lauren Markewics, the park’s interpretation coordinator.

The new building, which will cost $1.4 million, will include an area designated for a year round washroom and showers, which will be gender neutral. It’s being funded by National Parks Canada.

Previously, the building was closed from September to May.

One of the goals of the new beach house is to encourage winter visits to the park.

Currently, a few hotels are open during the winter months along with a few staff homes while all cabins are closed up after Thanksgiving.

Recent years have seen other improvements such as upgraded camp kitchens and a playground, said Jim Kerby with the Waskesiu Community Council.

“The nature centre has been completely upgraded. So there's an awful lot in this area for visitors to enjoy. This is just another key component of trying to make it a great experience for people here in Waskesiu.”

The new building is expected to open next spring.