Westmount Foods owner Jamal Uddin said he was having a normal afternoon before someone walked in his store on Saturday carrying a baseball bat.

“It was like 4:45, something like that” Uddin said. “So there was three of my customers in my store, so they are also scared.”

Surveillance video shows the suspect smashing a display with the bat. He yelled at customers while waving the bat, demanded money, cigarettes and grabbed candy, according to Uddin.

Uddin said this is the fourth time he’s had a robbery like this since last summer, and he’s starting to wonder if he should keep the store open.

“I’m so upset to continue this business because if it continues happening, this kind of thing, I’ll have to stop the business because there is no safe in my life and safety's not in business.”

As for this most recent incident, Uddin said he’s never experienced anything it in his life and finds it difficult to talk about.

“Because I thought he will hit me, or something like that because I was so scared and I said okay whatever you want, I’ll give it.”

Uddin said he moved to Canada in 2013 from Bangladesh because he heard about how peaceful and kind Canadians are and these incidents haven’t changed his mind.

“A few people are bad, all people are not bad.”