SASKATOON -- Anti-mask protesters gathered in Saskatoon and Regina on Sunday in support of the “March to Unmask” movement.

They joined protesters in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa arguing that wearing masks in public spaces should be voluntary and not mandated by the government.

“So yeah, if [the bylaw] passed, I think there would be more people coming out and there would be more protests about it,” Saskatoon organizer Cody Payant said.

About 10 people attended the Saskatoon rally.

He said he wasn’t worried about getting COVID-19, believing he would “get over it, probably.”

The protests were held just one day after Quebec’s mandatory mask rule went into effect, mandating that anyone over the age of 12 wear face coverings in all indoor public places – a move that was also met with protests. Nova Scotia will also require public transit drivers and passengers to wear masks beginning on July 24.

Similar orders had already been issued on the municipal level in various cities across Ontario.

Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark of Saskatoon said the city is working with the province in regards to mask policy.

“And if they indicate at some point that we need to move to that mandatory mask approach then we will help to implement it.”

Microbiologist Dr. Joseph Blondeau previously told CTV Saskatoon that while some patients have exhibited some signs of an allergic reaction and discomfort on their face where a mask is touching them, he is not aware of much data showing that wearing masks causes additional respiratory problems

With files from CTV News