Saskatoon paramedics are asking drivers to be more aware of pedestrians after a spike in crashes.

Over the past five days, there have been five collisions involving pedestrians.

“It’s been quite traumatic of the number of calls we’ve been seeing. There’s been head injuries to broken limbs, and we had one patient who unfortunately lost her life,” Troy Davies, director of public affairs at MD Ambulance, said.

On Friday, an 89-year-old woman was hit by a driver while crossing the street on Preston Avenue South. She died on scene.

Paramedics say they have responded to 45 collisions involving pedestrians since August, which is 45 per cent higher than the 31 pedestrian crashes they responded to in the same time frame in 2016.

According to Saskatoon police, charges are situational for drivers who hit a pedestrian. For example, a driver who is texting and hits a pedestrian is treated differently than a driver who fails to yield and hits someone.

Pedestrians can also face fines if they disobey walk signals.

“It could just be a warning; it could be $100, up to $230; or it could be criminal in nature,” Julie Clark, a spokesperson for Saskatoon police, said.

Both Saskatoon paramedics and police suggest pedestrians make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street.