Three organizations in Saskatoon that work to curb homelessness in the Indigenous community are getting a boost.

The federal government will give a total of $879,000 to the groups. Among the organizations receiving funds is Saskatoon Tribal Council Urban First Nation Services, which will purchase transitional homes for children awaiting family reunification.

Cress Housing will get $686,000 over two fiscal years toward buying three duplexes for families. White Buffalo Youth Lodge will receive $16,000 for the purchase of essentials such as furniture for families moving into homes from homelessness.

Saskatoon’s mayor, Charlie Clark, says the announcement is an example of people and organizations in the city coming together.

“In the past, the view was you have to deal with your addictions and mental health concerns before getting housing,” Clark said. “It was actually Sam Tsemberis out of New York City who sort of turned it on its head and said people aren't going to be able to address mental health and addictions issues if they don't have housing.”

The money will come out of the federal government’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy program.