SASKATOON -- It may be the most Canadian video on TikTok, where two men from Saskatchewan take ice fishing to the next level.

While most Canadians ice fish out of a small circular hole, best friends, Rylan Parrott and Koltyn Piller, do things differently.

“We fish out of a larger hole, it allows us to legitimately see the fish bite and allows us to cool down if the fishing slows down,” Parrot told CTV News, in a raft with Piller beside him.

TikTok taft

Their unique fishing technique has caught the eyes of more than 16 million users on TikTok. 

“I thought it’d get a couple thousand views maybe,” Piller said. 

But within hours of posting the video, notifications filled his phone. 

“It’s pretty exciting, the phone was blowing up all night. It’s pretty awesome,” Parrott said. 

In the video, Parrott can be seen jumping into the large ice fishing pool and sitting in the freezing water with a fish he caught.  


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The best friends said the purpose of the video is to simply show people their favourite weekend activity. 

“We love fishing. We’ve been fishing together since we were kids,” Parrott said. 

The video was recorded on the south side of Crooked Lake, Sask., south of Yorkton.

Since Parrott and Piller’s shack is isolated on the lake, no one has really seen the inside, or their unique fishing technique until now — thanks to social media. 

While the stunt is fun to watch, it likely shouldn't be replicated due to the potential dangers involved, including the risk of hypothermia.